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Reels downloader by is a free online tool that helps users to download Instagram reels in high quality in just a few steps. Save reels without watermark faster and securely.

World's most active social media is now Instagram because of the reels feature. In short term, reels is a short video format which is inspired by TikTok. Well, after getting banned the china origin TikTok social platform from different countries, Instagram Reels got the boost of popularity. And that's why Instagram is now one of the most popular social media platform by Meta Platforms, Inc. Before Instagram Reels feature, it was just another social platform where peoples can follow each others and their favorite celebrities. Now everyone can become a popular person and earn money with collaborate with brands as well by sharing amazing reels short videos. And using this Instagram Reels feature, a regular users can also become a popular celebrity as like Khabane Lame.

And sometimes we want to download reels video to make a remix or entertainment purpose, and this site will help to save or download an Instagram Reels video with high quality for free. Instagram do have inbuilt reels save feature, but it's available for every reels video.

What we're going to look at

  • How You Can Download Reels?
  • Features of Instagram Reels Downloader
  • How Reels Downloader Work?
  • Others method you can follow to Save Reels

How You Can Download Reels?

So you'll need to use a reels saver tool to download an Instagram Reels video with music. And you can use this amazing web app tool which will help you download any reels by its URL with high quality. The best part of this site is you don't need to download any app or browser extension to save reels offline. Even it can convert your reels URL to audio mp3 format just a click. Well, you can follow the showing steps below to download a reel by its URL.

Copy the SoundCloud track URL
Paste the link on the tool
Download the track with artwork
  • Open your Instagram using application or web browser, and click on the Reels part.
  • In reels video, you'll see a 3 dot or more option, so click on it and copy the reels link.
  • Now visit on Reels Saver page by and paste the URL.
  • After paste the link, hit on start, the process will take a moment, and then you can download the reels video with high quality. Even we do have more features, read below to know.

Features of Instagram Reels Downloader

We have built this tool with some extra features after consuming the user's requirement. And hope we'll make our users happy by providing such features for free. Even our developer team constantly work on it to provide the best users experience on, so let's know features of reels downloader.

High Quality

Providing a reels video by its URL, it's not easy method and as you know there are many tools for reels download. But we only clam that using this one you can get the high quality video because we don't optimize the video quality for faster loading. Instead, we provide the original quality of the reels video with faster download experience.

Unlimited Usage

We are really happy to tell you that using this tool is free with unlimited times. It don't have any usages limit for every user. So you can also download reels as much you can without any restriction.

Secure Privacy

In this technology internet age, users privacy is our main priority because it's priceless. And you'll be happy to know that we don't collect your personal data or share with others. But we may do use Google Analytics, which you have to consider with it to use this site, read our privacy policy page to know more.

Completely Free Service

This is a tool which is built for people's for free of cost, and you can use it as much you can without any additional charges. But we may display some ads to maintain this tool.

Faster Process & Saver

This website is built with modern technology framework which will make this reels downloader process faster with high speed download feature. To make your reels downloading experience faster, you should use this web app, which is completely for free.

No Account Needed

To use this tool, you don't need to register with us, just visit and paste the link and get the video. Making an account for saving just a reel, it's not making any sense. And that's why you don't need to make an account to use this tool, which will save your time as well.

How Reels Downloader Work?

And if you are talking about how this reels downloader work, which helping you to get the video on your device offline. So let me tell you in short, Instagram allowed to download its reels or others video for specific developers for testing and education purpose only. And we are using the developer's API, with our unique designed framework theme.

So whatever you are downloading, it's direct from Instagram or Meta CDN server. We don't host or store any Instagram content in our server. So you should take care of Instagram copyright guidelines before downloading any content using our tool.

Why Reels Downloader Helpful

An Instagram Reels downloader can be helpful for different reason like remix content, collaborate, reaction or review, using its music, information share with others, etc. But you should not to download a creator reels video for re-upload or share with others platform, it's against the Instagram copyright low.

Remix Content: Instagram, allow making someone's remix video with others creator video, but with terms and conditions. Like, you can't remix or edit the video for your own business promotion without the original creator permission, etc.

Save for Offline Watch: Many peoples have Internet issue on their local area, and at that moment this reels downloader can be helpful which will make the video offline to watch without internet.

Reaction or Review Video: Many Instagram users make reels content with others users popular reels for reaction and review purpose with the original creator credit, which is part of legal and genuine content.

Use The Audio: Instagram Reels, mostly based on music or songs. And using those music or making remix reels is fully genuine and legal.

Collect Information: Instagram Reels mainly based on entertainment purpose, but there are also many creators who make useful and informative videos as per their niche. So you can download it on your device to watch it whenever you required it.

Others method you can follow to Save Reels

Instagram Default Reels Save: Did you know, Instagram has its built in reels save option, but it's not available for every reel. So you can use Instagram Reels save feature to make it faster and without using any websites or tool. Just click on the reels 3 dot button and down below you'll see the save feature.

Screen Recording: If you are not interested to use a web tool to save an Instagram Reels, then you can also use this method to screen record the reels video. And you can screen record the reels, but it will be the low quality with huge file size. Most devices OS comes with their default screen recording feature which you can use.

FAQs of Reels Downloader

Last Words

As you read in this page, we have discussed all about Instagram Reels from the begging to now with how to download a reel video as well. Even we have guided you what to do and what not to do for downloading an Instagram Reels, because we do respect the Instagram terms and conditions with the original video creator as well.