Real Use of Using Instagram Hashtags (Ultimate Guide)


Using Hashtags for your Instagram posts can be the most beneficial part, because it helps to let users and the Instagram algorithm know what you're posting and show it to specific users. So before you add Hashtags to your Instagram post, you should know all about it and how it works actually. And that's why in this post, we are going to share with you some basic tips and tricks that will definitely help you rank your reels and photos on Instagram. I've been using Instagram since 2015, and according to my knowledge and after lots of research, here I'm going to guide you with some basic ultimate guides about the real use of Instagram #hashtags.

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What is Instagram Hashtags?

Hashtags effectively can significantly boost your visibility and engagement on the platform. Hashtags are used on every social platform like Twitter, Facebook, and even on YouTube, highlighting your content and helping users understand what your shared content is about. Before you use Instagram Hashtags, make sure they are related to your niche specifically, which will also help rank your Instagram reels, photos, and videos. Like related terms, you can read below:

Ultimate Use Guide of Hashtags

Know Your Audience and Niche: First of all, you have to know your niche and your audience type. Once you know it, you can make hashtags for your content. If you share your coding knowledge on Instagram, then your audience will also be those who love to know about coding and explore your content. Similarly, share your knowledge about what you know better than others.

Research and Test: I recommend you to research and test before you use hashtags on your content because with time, users' interests also change. Follow any trend in audio or music and mix it with your specific niche. This will help you reach more followers. You can also follow popular pages and accounts with the most active users. Change hashtags from your shared content that may not be ranked.

Be Specific: Please don't mix your content because it's important to be specific about what you are sharing on Instagram or any social platform. It's always a primary key to gaining more followers and ranking on your video. If you are sharing daily lifestyle and fashion-related content, then stick with it, but you can use different music and audio that are trending on Instagram. Don't mix your content type and stay current.

Mix Content and Hashtags: As I mentioned earlier, you can mix your content type with trending audio, but don't change your content type. Similarly, you can mix your content with hashtags, which will be an Instagram SEO-friendly point.

Hashtags Research

In this AI generation, don't forget to use a tool that can really help you rank your content in real. You can use this popular free tool to find related or popular hashtags for different social platforms.

Rotate Hashtags: Don't use the same set of hashtags for every post. Rotate them to avoid being shadowbanned or appearing spammy. Instagram may penalize accounts that use the same hashtags repeatedly.

Engage with Hashtags: Don't just use hashtags; engage with them. Search for hashtags related to your niche and like, comment, and follow other users who use these hashtags. This can help you build a network and attract followers.

Pro Tips

It's not necessary that you achieve success solely through hard work; sometimes, smart work is also essential. So make sure you have also put some smartness into your work too, and then you'll own what you are looking for. Well, here are some pro tips that you can follow, which may work for you as a smart worker.

Follow The Trend: If you are an Instagram user, then you'll know the trend, right? So always follow the trend of audio and hashtags that can help you make your content grow. But don't use the same hashtags; use them in different ways (meanwhile, don't forget to keep your content high quality and informative or entertaining because on Instagram, most people are looking for fun).

Use AI Tools: If you don't use an AI tool for your content, then you live in the old days, really! You should use an AI tool for your content to make it different from others. It fully depends on your content type for which tool you should use, but I can suggest you use Chat GPT, which is one of the most popular AI tools that can help you write your content script and generate ideas.

Comment Epic: This is one of the most useful tips that really help you get more followers and rank your reels and posts. You can comment on other popular reels and posts that should be fun or useful for others and depending on that post type. You'll get a love react on your comment, which will automatically pin you in the first position. And people can reach your account easily with their queries.

Keep Posting Awesome: As you know on Instagram, quality matters, so make sure your content has enough visible quality like full HD or 4k. Keep posting your content on Instagram by following the above hashtags ultimate guide, and then your reels will definitely make your account popular.


Before you share your content, ensure your niche is unique and popular. In this post, I have tried to guide you through hashtags used in Instagram, hoping it will help you rank your videos or reels on Instagram. To get more engagement on your reels or photos, you should also follow Instagram community guidelines before posting any content because it's also an important part too.

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