Basic Tips You Should Follow Before Making a Reels


Before you post a reel on Instagram, you should know some basic rules and terms. Creating a successful reel requires planning and attention to detail. Instagram has rolled out a new short video sharing option known as Reel, which has become the most popular short video content platform. Instagram has billions of active users who watch reels daily, so you can become popular if you work hard and smart for your reels. It's easier for everyone to gain a lot of followers on Instagram. In this article, we'll share some basic tips you should always follow.

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7 Most Useful Tips

Generally, there are many rules Instagram has to follow before sharing anything on their social platform. But you also need to take care of your content quality before posting it, as you expect lots of likes and views from the reels.

Know Your Content

Instagram's algorithm always keeps an eye on your content. You should know about your content type—whether it entertains, informs, inspires, or promotes a product or service. Be specific about your content, which will help rank your reel and be convenient for your followers. Knowing your goal will help shape the content.

What Your Audience Wants

Try to know what your audience wants from you and keep posting related to your viral or highly-watched reels. This will help make your followers active and amazed. You can also make a reel with trending music to grow your reels faster.

Use Vertical Format

Instagram's most used OS is mobile devices like Android or iOS. Therefore, always make content in a vertical format, which is also recommended by Instagram. Most recommended videos on Instagram are in a vertical format, so export your reels video in 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels tall.

Good Lighting

Following all the rules and terms of Instagram sharing your reel is not enough for ranking your reel video. To make your reels viral and popular, you also must improve your content quality with good lighting. Use apps like Alight Motion to increase your video quality.

Clear Audio

Make sure your audio quality is clear and fresh, as people love listening to and sharing clear audio. If you don't have a good mic device, use an advanced web tool like Adobe Enhance Speech to improve your audio quality.

Editing Skills

With good music or audio, you also need a good quality video for people to love watching your reels. Ensure your video has enough quality. In social media, to be first, you must be skilled in your field, and video editing skills are also required. If someone finds your video informative or attractive with good editing, they will start following you instantly.

Hashtags and Descriptions

Share your reels with good and trending hashtags, which will help users know about your reel concept. It's always good to include a link related to your content in the description. For example, if you are sharing an informative video about a country, add a Wikipedia link to your reels description so people can validate your information.


In this post, we have learned some basic tips about Instagram reels that you should follow to rank your reel video. All the shared tips are a working and legal way to get more views on reels, so don't worry about your account's safety. We only share hard and smart work processes on this website, which can give you a real sense of success. We do not support any paid or illegal activities that may give you more followers and likes on your post, but it's always risky.