How to Recover Deleted Facebook Account? Detailed Step-by-Step Guide


Have you deleted your Facebook account recently and you wish to recover it now? Well, you came to the right page. In this post, we have explained the best method to recover a deleted Facebook account. Keep reading until the last, and we are sure you will recover your account in no time if you have followed some rules & regulations and terms & conditions of Facebook.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Account: Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. It allows people to make their Facebook account for free. On Facebook, people can communicate, chat, upload photos, videos, news, share links, and a lot more. Also, Facebook has now a messenger application that is great for calling friends & family. There are so many features of Facebook that you already are using. But if you have deleted your Facebook account because of any reason, you can recover it now.

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Should You Delete or Deactivate Your Facebook Account?

Firstly, one should know the difference between 'delete' and 'deactivate'. Deleting a Facebook account is unsafe. It can lead to a permanent delete on your Facebook account, no matter what you do, there will be so few ways to get it back. It only works when you try to recover your deleted account in a grace period. Some time ago, the period was just 14 days but right now, today, it's extended to 30 days by the Facebook team. So, if you have deleted your Facebook account, and it's not been 30 days, you can still recover your account by following our guide. But if it's been more than a month, there will be no way to get your account back. So, instead of deleting your account, deactivate your account next time.

What is Deactivating Facebook Accounts Means?

Deactivating a Facebook account is the most used and the safest option if you wish to get rid of Facebook. People find hundreds of reasons for deleting their Facebook account without knowing the result. You should always deactivate your account if you don't feel like using it. Users can anytime access their deactivated Facebook account, but they can't recover a deleted Facebook account if it's been more than a month.

Step-By-Step Guide for Recovering Deleted Facebook Account

If it's been less than a month after deleting your Facebook account, you can recover it. But if it's been more days, you still can try this method, unless you will need to contact Facebook Support. If you want to recover your deleted Facebook account on your mobile device, follow these steps.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Account on Mobile?

  1. First open the Facebook Application on your mobile device.
  2. Fill your username and password or your email and password.
  3. If it's been less than a month after deleting your account, your account will open and you can start using it.
  4. If it's been more than a month, you won't be able to open your account after filling email ID and password or after signing in.
  5. Contact Facebook Team if you are not able to log in your Facebook account after deleting it.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Account on PC?

  1. You can easily recover your Facebook account on PC but there is the same condition, if you are trying to recover your account in less than 30 days after deleting, there will be no issue recovering it.
  2. Open Facebook Official Website and fill your accounts details.
  3. Tap on the login button.
  4. Now, tap on the Cancel Deletion button and your account will be opened.
  5. If you tap on the confirm deletion button, your account will be deleted. If you want to recover your account, do not tap on Confirm Deletion.


In this post, we can learn how to recover their deleted Facebook account. Also, we can know the difference between deactivating and deleting the Facebook account. Well, it's always safe to deactivate your account rather than delete it. If you have successfully recovered your account with the help of this article, rate us!