Those Content You Have to Avoid On Instagram (Guidelines)


Everyone love to see grow their social media platforms and people are really addicted to their social media account. Now the thing is to grow your social media account like Facebook and Instagram isnt easy because you have to upload posts very consistently. So if you want to grow your Instagram profile then this post is for you because here I have shared tips about how to keep active your followers using polls, quizzes, etc. I have shared some few very useful and working method which can really help you to relevant your social media platform like Facebook and Instagram. So if you want to always keep your social media platform activate then you should follow these steps which I have shared below.

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Easy and Methods To Active Instagram Profile

Instagram has so many fun things to do on your account which your followers really can enjoy, so you have to do some of those so that followers can always find your profile entertaining and educational. Just like you can do quizzes with some knowledgeable things so that people will enjoy those and along with they can learn something from you in fun way. More like you can do Q&A on your insta story about your concert, so people will ask some question, and you can answer them to connect with your flowers.

Using Polls

Content Strategy: You must have to follow your content strategy because it's so important to know what your followers want from you. Once you know what you have to do, it will be easy to create or make content for your audience.

One of the useful way to connect with your you can use polls to your account where you can add some knowledgeable polls with some fun options. But make sure that those polls should be related to your content like if your content is funny then try to make funny polls. One more thing you can do is make polls related to trending thing, which are really popular in recent days.


One of the best ways to connect with your followers personally, doing FAQ, where people will ask you something about you, and you have to answer them. One more thing you can do before publishing a good content, do some FAQ related to your upcoming content, so it will promote your upcoming content as well. But remember something on your each of the Q&A people should learn something or make something where people can know something new.

In every week or month, a thing can be very popular on social media platform in all over the country. And the thing is people really love to see trending content now the thing is if you dont share those kinds of trending content then your followers can find some new account where they can get trending things. But remember if you are sharing trending content then make sure to post those things which can also relate to your content.

Holiday and Seasonal Content

If you make international content, then its sure that you have followers from all over the world. And in all over the world every month has should be seasoned for something, so to keep connecting with your followers try to make content related to those holidays or event. Along with wish your followers ares events and for some seasonal things. Also share your own holiday experience with them in the same seasonal things which you have also celebrated.


One of the best thing which people love to on social media is to see a collaboration content with their favorite creators. Like if any creator makes funny content, then they make some content with also a funny creator, so people can see their favorite creator in one frame. So whatever content you create doesnt matter you can make those same contents with your fellow creator so that people can enjoy the content more.

Consistent Posting

Do you know that? Consistency is the key of growing on the social media platform, which can always keep your flowers active. If you are using social media platform for many days then one thing you have noticed that is those who make consistent posts, their account grows faster than others. So to grow faster and keep your followers active you have to follow consistency like if you are posting a content weekly then try to post a content every week. Then it will help you to growth your account and your followers will be more active with your account.


Always keep archiving followers on social media platform isn't everyone's cup of tea, its need so much effort. The thing is you can see so many profile with huge number of followers, but their posts have less numbers of engagement. Those all happened just because their followers are not that much active as compare to others. So if you want to grow your social media platform like Facebook or Instagram with active followers then you should follow these steps which I have shared here. Here I have shared some few working methods to keep active your followers using polls, quizzes, and many more.